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The Biggest 3 Retargeting Problems You’re Facing
And how Boomerang will help you fix them

Wasting money on the wrong people

Some of your visitors land on your site by mistake and some will simply quit after seeing your message because it doesn’t resonate with them.

Whatever the reason is for them leaving your website immediately, one thing is for sure: you shouldn’t retarget them because they are not interested in what you have to say.

You shouldn’t waste money on this type of traffic.

Instead, you should remove it from your retarget audience

Treating all people the same

Every prospect is in a different place in their buyer journey …

Some of your visitors will go directly and buy, some will analyze the product for a bit, some will look at your demo, some will read your product specifications, then go for the demo, then look after reviews and so on.

And since every buyer journey is different, you will need to retarget your prospects INDIVIDUALLY, depending on their current position in their journey.

Mixing up audiences

Say you have 2 sites, or even 2 different sections of your site that may not overlap that much, for example a fishing site and a hunting site. When retargeting those prospects, you wouldn’t want to mix up the ads, but instead send niche information when firing up the pixel so you can segment later on in your campaigns.

Boomerang gives you the possibility to isolate your niches if you need to. This way, your retargeting budget won’t be wasted on ads that are simply not relevant for their audience.

A New and BETTER Way Of Retargeting Is

Where The Big ROAS Comes From …

Most people don’t buy on the first click these days. In fact, on average, they need about 7 interactions with your brand before making a purchase.

This means retargeting done properly is something you don’t want to miss in your marketing efforts …

Get more targeted customers

The more you convert, the more you fire the pixel and Facebook will send you more prospects that are a good fit for your business

Cheaper ads

The more you convert and the more relevant your ads for your prospects, the cheaper you clicks will be …

Better ROI on Your Campaigns

The more you convert people, the better your overall return on ads spend.

Retarget only the customers you want