Powerful Retargeting + Conversion Tracking

With No Coding Required

How Boomerang Works

Step 1: install our code

Boomerang will give you a short piece of code to install on your website. Once done, you won’t need the Facebook pixel code as it will be installed automatically.

Step 2: send traffic to your website

Send traffic to your website just as you did before. Boomerang will automatically load your Facebook pixel and enrich it with extra data you can then use in your Facebook audiences, retargeting and conversion tracking.

Step 3: Get better return on your Facebook Campaigns

Once Boomerang starts sending data to Facebook from your site, you will be able to use it to track conversions, optimize for given actions and retarget the way you want
Some of the things you can do with Boomerang …

Segment Your Audience By Niche

If you have multiple sites or even multiple sections on your site and you don’t want to mix them, you can use Boomerang to segment your entire audience. Your budget will thank you.

Landing Page Video Watch Time

If you want to consider a conversion whoever watches more than 2 minutes on your sales video, you can do that with Boomerang. Or if you want to retarget people who have watched your demo video a given time and to create a lookalike audience from there, you can do that too.

Send Standard Events To Facebook (NO CODING)

Yes, there’s ZERO coding involved if you want to send a lead event from your thank you page or a purchase event. Good bye javascript errors, having to deal with lazy developers who never deliver and the frustration of never having your automation implemented.

Target People in Groups

Whenever you are sharing something to a given group, don’t forget to use our link shortener feature. It’ll drop your pixel so you can retarget whoever is interested in your shared content. That’s a big one!

Target Email Clickers

When sending out an email promo to your list, even to an affiliate offer, you can drop your pixel and retarget whoever clicked on your email links. This way you will definitely bank more money from your email campaigns. The money is in the lists? Doesn’t even matter as long as you’re profitable.

Retarget by Scroll Amount

By that, I don’t mean the top 25% or 50%. I mean you can retarget all visitors who scroll past a given point. 12% or 87%, up to you. But you can retarget.

Retarget by Time Spent

You can retarget people who spent at least 2 minutes on your website with a different message than the ones who bounced after 10 seconds. Those are clearly more interested in your offer than the second category.

Eliminate Bounce Traffic From Your Retargeting

People who leave right away are normally considered a bounce. Also, they have the lowest interest in your offer especially because they may have clicked on your ad by mistake. This happens a lot if your ad is being displayed inside of apps. What you need to do if you notice that kind of traffic doesn’t convert at all is to simply remove them from your retargeting. You will see a 2x ROAS or even bigger.

Create lookalikes from engaged people

You can create a lookalike audience to tell Facebook to give you more people similar to the ones who went to your demo page and watched your demo video in full.

Create Lookalikes by Traffic Source

You are getting quality traffic from a given source and you want Facebook to give you more prospects similar to those. Boomerang will help you do just that.

A New and BETTER Way Of Retargeting Is

Where The Big ROAS Comes From …

Most people don’t buy on the first click these days. In fact, on average, they need about 7 interactions with your brand before making a purchase.

This means retargeting done properly is something you don’t want to miss in your marketing efforts …

Get more targeted customers

The more you convert, the more you fire the pixel and Facebook will send you more prospects that are a good fit for your business

Cheaper ads

The more you convert and the more relevant your ads for your prospects, the cheaper you clicks will be …

Better ROI on Your Campaigns

The more you convert people, the better your overall return on ads spend.

Retarget only the customers you want